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The personal touch in bulk

It’s been a tough year and we wanted to make sure students’ union comms people know their work is valued so we sent out personalised certificates to confirm that they’ve been amazing.

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Students’ union specialists

It may come as no surprise that I think students' unions should work with people that 'get' them (*ahem* like me) but I thought I'd explain more about why I think it's so useful and shout out some other people you should work with.^ Not necessarily what us geniuses...

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Building the union logo rainbow

In a burst of productivity/procrastination I decided to grab all the logos of students' unions and see what they looked like and then of course I had to arrange them by colour because RAINBOWS.I was inspired by this great Twitter thread looking at Scottish local...

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Somewhere to just ‘be’

Students organise themselves into clubs and societies without the SU. We add massive value in the championing and supporting that we do but (and it’s a hard truth for me) we’re not essential when it comes to Opportunities actually happening.

I think the most compelling narrative that a students’ union has is that they’re aligned with you the student, not the institution. It’s in advice and campaigning that an SU plays a unique role that no other body is in a better position to do. So, I’d start there and build around it.

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Getting on with Google

Want to help people find out information about your organisation? Want to bring up key details in the place people most commonly go to find things? Well, lots of students' unions are missing two easy things from Google...1 in 4 of my random sample of unions have not...

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Commerce & collaboration

What would students' unions be like if they hadn't existed until now and were created from scratch? That's the question we've put to some smart people and we're sharing their answers. Want to share your ideas? Email your thoughts to take comes from...

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